Highly creative, motivated and versatile Toronto-based graphic designer with a passion for design and a love for all things DIY, local, history and artsy fartsy. I have experience in fashion, writing, social media, and marketing. My expertise include textile design, surface design, digital media, coding/web design, promotion, chalkboard design, sign-making and hand-drawn typography. I find inspiration in many of my interests that include; vintage packaging/design, Toronto history, New York City History, fashion history, art history, textile design, photography, Instagram, typography, podcasts, design blogs, Pinterest and more. I enjoy challenging work and the opportunity to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas with fellow creatives. 

• 10 years experience Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. 
• 10 years experience in Graphic Design.
• 10 years experience with layout, typography, colour and brand standards.
• 10 years experience in the fashion, home, and lifestyle products industries.
• 10 years experience in social media tools and digital design.
• 10 years experience with e-commerce sites.
• 7 years experience with a Wacom drawing tablet.
• 4 years experience with gifs, Google/web ads, web banners, Mail Chimp & other online media.  
• 3 years experience with Squarespace.
• Experience with Wordpress, HTML, CSS, and Responsive Design.

You can reach me at mpyves@gmail.com

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