History Nerd: The History Of The Opening Titles

I was recently watching the 1960 film The Apartment which is one of my favourite Hollywood Classic flicks and while their opening credits are nothing really special they still had me wondering about how opening titles were created pre the advent of the computer. So I did a little search online and came across a mini -documentary called The Film before The Film. While I still have many questions about the process of creating opening titles during the past up period of graphic design I still found the documentary very interesting. I loved seeing how the design and purpose of the open titles changed over time. Oh and I also learned that the 1978 open titles to Superman were the first computer generated opening titles created for a film. 

Supermans Opening Titles - The First Ever To Be Digitally Generated in 1978

The Apartments Opening Titles (one of my fav 1960's NYC Hollywood Flicks)